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What is the difference between the tire size p195 60R15 and P195 65R15?


  1. mountain crusher says:

    Both tires are the same width, 195 mm, and both will fit on a 15 inch wheel. The difference is the aspect ratio, the height of the side wall as a percent of the width, in this case, either 60% or 65%. The 65 is a bit taller than the 60, meaning that the 65 tire is greater in circumference. The 65 tire is 78" in circumfrence, while the 60 series tire is 76 inches.

    Both will fit your 15" wheel, and both will likely fit in the wheel well of your car. The only thing to consider is that with the taller tire, you’ll actually go faster down the road than your speedometer indicates, by about 3%.

  2. mbm052969 says:

    the 60 is wider

  3. Josh M says:

    actually the 65 is wider

  4. terryg_timberman says:

    the difference is the width of the tire the 60 is wider than the 65 kida like the young kids put wider tires on there cars are around 50′s that they put on the back of a car

  5. harocuda says:

    Okay here’s the break down from left to right. The first character is a letter and stands for:
    P: Passenger
    LT: Light Truck
    ST: Special Trailer
    T: Temporary

    The first number is a 3 digit number and is the width of the tire in millimeters, from sidewall edge to sidewall edge.

    The second number after the slash is a 2 digit number and is the ratio of the sidewall height to the total width of the tire as a percentage. If this is missing, it is assumed to be 82%. If the number is larger than 200, then this is the diameter of the entire tire in millimeters.

    The next character is another letter and determines the construction of the fabric of the tire:
    B: bias belt
    D: diagonal
    R: radial

    The number after the letter is 2 digit number and represents the diameter in inches of the rim that this tire is designed to fit.

    There are also speed ratings and load ratings as well. If you would like to know what they are, wikopedia has some charts that explain it for you. So to answer your question, those tires are very similar, but the P195/65R15 is slightly taller in diameter and skinnier in width then the P195/60R15. Changing size can affect your cars suspention geometry and cause premature tire wear, which translates into altered handling, traction, and braking performance when put to the test. Its recommended that you use the correct size tire to prevent having to replace them as often. If not then you can always get an alignment to match the new tires. If you can get them for free then go for it, the difference is minimal! Hope this helps:)

  6. fire_inur_eyes says:

    It is the width–60 and 65 indicate the width. Please do not put any old tires on a car–the car has definite requirements and it is set up for a particualr size and heat rating—any alteration can be costly and dangerous—a few bucks on good tires can save yiou thousands–there is no such thing as FREE. New tires have a warranty and no HIDDEN defects and that can mean a lot to YOU. Free?? get a clue–there is no such thing as free.

  7. Frank C says:

    195/65 R15 is simply a taller tire. 195 is how wide the tires a in millimeters, 65 is how tall the tires are in millimeters (distance between the edge of the rim and the edge of the tire). 15 is the diameter of the rims that the tire will fit on.

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