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Can you drive a 150cc moped legally without a license on the road?


  1. TomCom says:

    Yes. I believe you are limited to secondary roads, though. No highways or boulevards. You must, of course, observe all traffic laws. And, I am pretty sure the Helmet Law applies in most every State, by now. Check with your State’s DMV.
    (I live in Georgia)
    Georgia does not require registration or titling of mopeds and scooters if they are not used on roadways. But if you plan to use your scooter or moped to get to and from work, or to scoot around town for errands, you’ll need to complete two forms for registration purposes.

    First, complete an Affidavit of Fact for Motorcyle or Motor Scooter. Then, head to your local Tax Commissioner’s office to complete the process.

    You’ll need to provide a copy of the manufacturer’s certificate of origin or a current title signed over to you, and then Form T-22B, Certificate of Inspection when a designated agent or law enforcement office inspects the vehicle.

    Your street-legal scooter or moped will be treated much like a motorcyle during the registration process. The cost of a motorcycle tag is $20, plus any taxes and fees due at the time of registration.

    If you are considering the purchase of a street-legal moped or scooter to help combat rising gas prices, be sure to check out DMV.ORG’s lengthy list of resources.

  2. Nathan M says:

    Unless you live in some undeveloped country no.

  3. oklatom says:

    In those states that allow you to ride a moped without a license, there is usually a legal definition of horsepower and speed, which restricts it to those at or under 50 cc. A 150 cc would be considered a motorcycle and a license and insurance would be required.

  4. taxed till i die, says:


  5. dirtytricksracing says:

    Anywhere in the USA no

  6. Irv S says:

    Last I heard, the ‘no license’ limit was 50cc.s and 30 MPH.
    150cc.s is a small motorcycle already.

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